Change a Life

Our vision is to pour out our lives that “the earth will be full of the knowledge of the LORD as the waters cover the sea”(Isaiah 11:9) by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ globally at public schools and community outreaches.

Change a Life

Meet Carlo, another success. 
Responding to our school outreach little Carlo dramatically stood out with his bulbous bug-eye. Malnourishment stunted his growth, making him appear years younger than 11. Shy and reclusive, his disfigured eye attracted unwanted attention, especially as it moved. In spite of his obvious medical need, Carlo had never seen an eye doctor. There were none on his tiny island. Self-conscious, ashamed of his disfigurement, from a family too poor to send him to school, Carlo seemed hopeless. Hoping Carlo's eye might be restored, Hope 4 Kidz International sent him to a doctor who told us Carlo's bug-eye needed surgical removal. The $1,000 cost was impossible for his family. Hope was gone, until God touched the heart of a small church in the United States to sponsor his surgery. The diseased eye was soon replaced with a prosthetic glass eye. On our next visit we found Carlo transformed, bouncing all around the island, his shyness forgotten. He makes the H4Kz church plant his second home. Carlo's family and many others are now churched for the first time, at Calvary Gilutongan Island. Praise the Lord!


Roda was among the crowd of school kids responding at our scripture memorization contest.  She had a shy, upturned quizzical face, with fingers hiding her terribly cleft palate.  Smiling upward, she dropped her hand for a moment, as I snapped a photo.  The split in her lip extended deep, up into one nostril.  Her poor front tooth was growing out horizontally in her small, disfigured face.  Back in the U.S. we discussed her plight with a sweet grandmother who suggested Operation Smile.  One of H4Kz’s supporting churches funded Roda and her mother's transportation, food and lodging to Cebu City.  Wonderful, visiting volunteer surgeons there began the process of repairing Roda's cleft palate.  Released from the hospital, her mother and our ministering national Pastora Mira, cared for Roda as she healed.  A second surgery completed the repair two years later.  Today Roda's smile looks perfectly beautiful! Thanks to her sponsor’s generosity, she is also able to attend school.  Roda, another life transformed through your caring and sharing. 


Edgardo is 18, the eldest of four siblings living in squatter housing, a hut built from salvaged wood with a nipa-leaf roof, adjacent to the city dumpsite.  Thanks to his loyal sponsor, he graduated high school 2011 but did not find much work.  Using his high school skills, he soon complete an automotive repair course.  Now he is working, the main support of his family as well as helping at home, a responsible older brother.  Edgardo continues to faithfully serve the Lord at the dumpsite Church.



The change God wrought in these lives ripples through their communities.  They give thanks to God for his transforming work in their midst, as they grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.


The Gospel
The gospel, God's offer of peace with Him, also extends peace with others, usually resulting in greater prosperity for those trusting Jesus as Lord along with changing their eternal destinations. (Eph 2:8)  Sponsors rescuing kids from the worst kinds of child labor break the cycle of poverty.  God's people are empowered for growing his Kingdom as they grow-up into the Head, even Christ.


Change A Life Today

What makes us successful

We are successful because we intentionally rely on God's implementation of his plan. Relying on Jesus' sandwich of his great commission, "Go and make disciples" between, "all authority has been given to me" and his, "surely I am with you always," we reach out. Jesus' great assurance gives us courage, resources and provision to humbly serve, helping carry out His great plan for humanity.

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