Lasting Changes

Our vision is to pour out our lives that “the earth will be full of the knowledge of the LORD as the waters cover the sea”(Isaiah 11:9) by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ globally at public schools and community outreaches.

Lasting Changes

Our Outreach
We conduct Vacation Bible School style team-outreaches primarily in Philippine public schools.  Kids love singing worship songs together!  We present the gospel, host games, provide a time of fellowship over a meal of rice porridge with vitamin supplements.  We seek to implement Saturday children's church services to provide a nurturing, discipling opportunity for children who respond when no evangelical Christian church is present.  (Less than 3% of Filipinos are evangelical Christians.) 


Plant a Church
We also help national pastors plant churches initiating children's services for responding kids.  Children's ministry opens the door for home visitations to the parents and mid-week Bible studies.  As the Lord leads, adult Sunday worship services begin. 

We also show the children's version of the Jesus film as well as the adult version in the heart language of the people, conduct village outreaches, distribute Christian literature, provide reading glasses for the elderly, seeking to empower indigenous growth of the evangelical church. 


Church Services
Children are discipled and empowered to lead their worship services from an early age.  They share their testimonies of the Lord's work in their lives, encouraging one another.  High school students are able to teach and mentor younger kids.  They quickly become adept utilizing both popular English and Filipino worship songs since both languages are taught as "official."  A cultural expressive ribbon dance is also popular at some services.  High school graduates go on to a better life, sharing the blessings they've received, changing communities, giving back to congregations. 


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The Parents

In some areas where we minister, many parents live as squatters in homemade shacks of scavenged wood. Homes are usually a small, single room, with no bathroom, kitchen, no running water or electricity. A common well often serves for parents to wash everything from kids to clothes, dishes to adults. It is not unusual to see someone trying to preserve dignity and privacy, yet get cleaned-up, washing themselves with a bucket next to the common well, fully clothed! Few parents are able to afford rent. Possession are often limited to some clothes, a paper-thin sleeping mat plus a few cooking utensils used over a wood fire. Accordingly, many parents are open, ready to embrace change, to learn of Jesus.

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